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 Program Startup and Facilitation

Fractal Solutions understands the challenges implementing an Equipment Reliability program.  From our experience, we have identified the factors that most influence the success of a program.  Some of these factors are specific to a particular facility, but the majority is generally applicable to any plant environment.  Fractal Solutions Facilitators Guide addresses these factors to help guarantee program success.  The Guide is organized in successive actions and denotes which phase each action should be considered.

 Reliability Centered Maintenance Training

Fractal Solutions offers a wide range of Asset Reliability Improvement (ARI) workshops.  These workshops are continuously updated to incorporate the latest advances in reliability theory and methods.  The instructors are experienced maintenance professionals who have completed Fractal Solutions’ facilitator training course and participated in at least one program startup. 

 Program Assessments

Fractal Solutions unique experience allows us to support clients in assessing and diagnosing their preventive maintenance program.  Our comprehensive process takes a critical look at the business strategy and processes involved in establishing, planning, scheduling, and accomplishing preventive maintenance activities.

Fractal Solutions process consists of a week on-site assessment by a team of well-versed maintenance professionals, after which a final report documenting observations and recommendations to address improvements in the preventive maintenance program.

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