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Control Panel

Click to zoomThe Control Panel is the launching point to the features in PREMO XPERTS®.  It enables access to the modules needed to manage your reliability improvement program.  The availability and function of each button depends upon security group assignment.  The screen shown here is displayed for members of the ADMINS group.


 Risk Based Analysis

Similar to Streamline RCM, but includes provisions for determining equipment Risk Worth using detectability, likelihood and effects weighting.  This method transitions into PM Optimization, which is the principal analysis method in the Living Program.


Streamlined Reliability-Centered Maintenance

A rapid equipment-based Reliability Centered Maintenance analysis method intended for equipment not previously analyzed.  Equipment function criticality decisions are based upon evaluator experience.  This method transitions into PM Optimization, which is the principal analysis method in the Living Program.


 PM Optimization

Failure Mode AnalysisPM Optimization is an analysis method that evaluates the effectiveness of existing PM tasks.  Typically used during the living program or by those facilities seeking to establish performance baselines for their existing PM program.


PM Templating  

PM Task SelectionNew!   NEW!!! 
PM Templating is a rapid equipment PM strategy development tool.  Used in the absence of Subject Matter Experts to create default PM strategies by equipment type that reflect particular operating environments, duty cycles, and failure criticality.


 PM Performance Feedback

Non-Critical EvaluationNew!   NEW!!!    
Manage and trend PM effectiveness by collecting performance feedback directly from the task performer via handheld PDA technology.  Link standardized feedback schemes to PM activities scheduled in your CMMS and have them automatically download to PDAs as-needed for each department.


 Fire Protection

New!   NEW!!! 
Manage you fire protection penetration and barrier program.  Hierarchical views and searches make finding information fast and easy.  Link drawings, pictures, and documents to any object.


 Report Manager

Performance GroupingAlthough PM task intervals are optimized during analysis, it is sometimes necessary to alter recommendations to synchronize preventive maintenance with major equipment shutdown or plant availability.  This module enables you to assemble PM tasks for associated equipment into performance groups appropriate for scheduling.


Cost--Benefit Analysis / Metrics

MetricsCalculate total savings and compare costs between different types of analysis recommendations.


 External Data Links

ReportingAttach PREMO XPERTS output directly to your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), eliminating the resource-intensive implementation phase.  Currently supports Maximo, EMPAC, Passport, and CHAMPS .  Other CMMS links can be custom programmed.

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